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0-Gravity microfibre and mesh sandal, perforated and highly breathable

7372B New

0-Gravity woven fabric shoe, ultralightweight, hard-wearing and ultrabreathable

Quick Overview

Remarkably lightweight.
Approximate weight for size 42: 450 g

• Hard-wearing, ultrabreathable woven fabric
• One-piece upper with lightweight, hard-wearing threads
• Wider mesh for increased breathability
• Narrower mesh for increased foot support
• Heel stability support
• Wide fit
• EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole
• Durable nitrile rubber tread
Toe cap
Polymer material, 200 joules
Penetration-proof insole
Composite fibre, ceramic treatment
Underfoot cover
EVA FOAM, with cushioning heel pad
450 g
EU: 38-48 UK: 5-13

S1P HRO SRC - EN ISO 20345:2011
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