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Drilling and threading tools

Drilling and threading tools

Every drilling and tapping need is satisfied by the tools of this family.

Beta’s drilling and threading tools family includes special and conical drill bits and mills, taps and tap wrenches, dies and die stocks, hole saws and cutters.

Twist drill bits

Bits made of cobalt super-fast steel

Designed for cutting all metals, from the softest to the hardest, these bits are made from high content cobalt high speed steel (8%) and they are entirely ground. The diamond sharpening with a 130° angle allows higher cut and feed speeds than the normal ground bits in high speed steel when cutting normal building steel, and drilling high alloy and stainless steels. The generated temperatures do not damage the cutting edge of these bits since the cobalt properties increase the steel’s resistance to heat. Owing to the hardness of these bits, care must be taken in the use of the small sizes with hand drill machines since too many deflections could result in breakage.

Ground high speed steel bits

Completely manufactured from a heat treated steel bar, they are recommended for a professional and industrial use for drilling steel up to 900-100 N/mm 2 and light alloys. The high performance in chip removal and drilling accuracy are guaranteed by the advanced production process offering perfect geometry, flat flutes and perfect sharpened cutting edges.

Rolled high speed steel bits

The heat production process produces drill bits of very good quality for light duty drilling metals at low cost, such as iron, mild steel, light alloys and non ferrous metals.