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Hammers and chisels

Hammers and chisels

Beta’s chisels and hammers family is designed to meet any application, from chiselling to demolition.

Hammers and soft-faced hammers

The range includes several steel heads, from the conventional German and French head to the heads for specific professional use. The striking surfaces are submitted to a localised hardening treatment and tempering to reduce hardness to 52-54 HRC for two main reasons:

to avoid chipping;

to ensure a hardness factor sufficient to ensure a long life without denting.

Accurate machining, not usual in this kind of product, and excellent finish make Beta’s hammers very reliable for professional use.

The range also offers varied soft-faced hammer models with striking surfaces made of plastics or full rubber coated with dead-blow characteristics.

The quality of the soft-faced hammers is ensured by a perfect grip of the heads and the excellent physical and chemical properties of the plastics material being used.


The hammers can have wooden shaft, hickory shafts or fibre shafts coated with plastic material (safety characteristics).

Drift punches, pin punches, centre punches, chisels and cape chisels

These tools are made from special steel heat treated to an average hardness of 58 HRC for high resistance to shocks and wear.

Extra tempering of the striking surface allows its progressive deformation under the striking action eliminating the danger of chipping and splitting. Tips and cutting edges are ground and rust-protected after the chrome plating process.

Chisels with hand guards guarantee a comfortable use and protection against accidental bumps.

Proper tool use according to UNI specification

Strike tools in direct line to avoid slipping;

use striking tools with a wider surface than the punch or chisel;

wear eye safety protection;

avoid misuse;

do not use damaged or excessively worn tools;

replace the tool when there is an excessive striking deformation.