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Sockets and accessories

Sockets and accessories

Beta’s sockets and accessories family respond to any tightening and untightening need on hexagonal nuts (4-125 mm).

The range includes the classics female drive sockets, male drive sockets with different recesses, impact sockets and accessories with different drives (1/4” - 1.1/2”).

The ratchet with 72 tooth mechanism, originally designed in the 80s, has been the first ratchet to guarantee a 5° take-up angle, to work in tight space. Today, it is a perfect example of reliability and ergonomics thanks to the design improvements and the innovative materials.

Cold plastic deformation

In the production of hand sockets, both hexagon and bihexagon up to 32 mm, we were the first European manufacturer to develop a very advanced technology whose fundamentals are the use of steels with excellent mechanical characteristics, cold forming process by steel extrusion and the special shape of the profiles.

The result is an excellent quality level, which is mainly evidenced under stress tests. These tests are carried out by repeatedly applying a torque from zero to the standard torque figure: the number of applications up to failure of our sockets is within the tens of thousands, higher than the traditional hot formed sockets.

Hexagon sockets or bihexagon sockets

Under stress tests, the applications with hexagon sockets under stress tests are approximately twice as many as bihexagon due to their higher stiffness.

In static tests, the breaking torque is almost the same for both profiles as they are not affected by different stiffness when the load is not applied repeatedly.

Safety requirements

The use of reducing adaptors requires the tightening torque to be proportional to the male drive’s capacity, to avoid breaks or accidental damages.

The use of impact tools requires specific impact sockets and accessories.

The use of impact sockets and accessories requires rings and pins to avoid release from the wrench.